Eco-Friendly AND Maintenance Free Solutions

If we are going to spend the money, time and effort, doesn’t it make sense to design properties that stay looking good without an ongoing cost for maintenance? In addition, concern for the environment and action to modify our behaviour is strongly supported by young and old alike. Climate change is not a myth. It is already happening. It’s a problem that isn’t going to go away on its own and people rightly want us to play our part.


The Solutions


There are solutions already available that tick both these boxes. Solid profiles like these can replace wood, and only use 40% of the CO2 due to no requirement for ongoing maintenance. Kedel’s intention for their products, is - once built and fitted, no ongoing fixes. Many eco-friendly products are on the market that not only offer reduced CO2 emissions, recycle waste plastic intelligently, but also eliminate ongoing maintenance costs. Effective examples produced by Kedel can be seen in their cladding, fencing and skirting boards. Kedel adhere to a policy of sourcing all materials needed to conduct business from within a 50-mile radius of manufacturing to cut down the transportation carbon footprint.




The beauty of these products is, that one decision to make a purchase and you are set for years to come. Built to stand their time under the sun with no repairs or effort needed to maintain them.


Sustainable Potential


Your potential plastic products will be adamant to the elements, being material resistant to the rain, mould, and protected beautifully against colour fading from sun rays and bleaching.


Safe Hands


For the last decade, Kedel Limited, have been supplying a wide range of building materials made from plastic waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfill or incinerated. V-Cladding, T&G, Decking, Fencing, even Outdoor Furniture, the list is endless.  It’s as easy to work with as wood, produces 250% less CO2 in manufacture compared to virgin plastic, lasts for decades, and needs no maintenance. It is already being used in many applications where traditionally we have used wood, concrete or metal and it’s available now.


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