GeoGrid | Ground Reinforcement Grid
 GeoGrid | Ground Reinforcement GridGeoGrid | Ground Reinforcement Grid 

GeoGrid | Ground Reinforcement Grid

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Our plastic grids for car parking are 100% maintenance-free, strong, durable and easy to assemble. Ideal for footpaths, driveways and grass areas vulnerable to wearing down.

Weight:  6.40 kg

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SKU:  GEO0004


Recycled Plastic Geo-Grids provide fantastic ground support for loose gravel, soft grass/gardens and footpaths alike. Great for use as plastic grids for car parking. 

They require no maintenance, are completely eco-friendly and are designed for an easy installation process.

1 Square Metre = 4 individual Geo-Grids

Minimum order 60 sqm

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Type:  Standard, Premium
Quantity:  1 Sq Metre
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