Parking delineator for ground reinforcement grids
 Parking delineator for ground reinforcement gridsParking delineator for ground reinforcement grids 

Parking delineator for ground reinforcement grids

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Bright white, easy-to-spot Car Parking Delineators to mark out the parking bays. Ideal for use with our Kedel ground reinforcement grids.

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SKU:  INT0110


Our bright white coloured car park delineators are perfect for making out spaces for domestic and/or commercial car parks. Best used with our Kedel recycled plastic Ground Reinforcement Grids these Car Park Delineators are incredibly easy to install.

Extra Information

Weight:  0.5kg

Key Advantages

  • Easy install
  • Brightly coloured for easy spotting
  • Free delivery
  • Can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes
  • Best used with X-Grids
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