Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber | 50 x 50mm

Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber | 50 x 50mm

£16.94 inc. VAT
(£14.12 Exc. VAT)

Use for studding in damp conditions, or framing, or as a DPC at the foot of wood studding. The possibilities are endless, and this will never rot. Use it once and never think about it again. Maintenance free!



Recycled plastic lumber - designed to last indefinitely

Once you have installed recycled plastic lumber you can forget it.

Never have to paint it or apply toxic preservatives.

It has no splinters, does not crack, suffer from frost damage or absorb water.

Recycled plastic profiles can even be immersed constantly in water without fear of rot or mould.

Even dry rot does not affect it.

This is the ideal alternative to wood.

Extra Information

Dimensions:  Black (W)50mm x (D)50mm x (L)3010mm or Brown (W)50mm x (D)50mm x (L)2000mm
Weight:  7.35kg or 4.74kg
Colour:  Black or Brown

Key Advantages

  • Studding in damp conditions
  • Framing
  • DPC at foot of wood studding
  • Corner fixing of raised beds
  • General building use
Advantages over wood:
  • Maintenance free
  • Does not rot
  • Impervious to moisture and mould
  • Requires no toxic preservatives
  • No splinters
  • Lasts a lifetime

Technical Specifications

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