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Junior Picnic Table | Decking Style | Recycled Plastic Wood

Junior Picnic Table | Decking Style | Recycled Plastic Wood

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Weight:  15 kg



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A Decking Style Junior Picnic Table that will Last for Generations with No Maintenance Bills

This is a picnic table in recycled plastic wood that will never rot, warp, crack or splinter.

It has the look and feel of wood, but all the wonderful, durable properties of plastic.

The colour is UV protected against fading in sunlight and can be safely left outside in all seasons the year round.

The timber-like material is made from recycled polystyrene (CD and contact lens cases) collected from UK homes and businesses.

It has a low carbon footprint and at the end of its life, which will be very long, it can be recycled all over again.

Since the table is made from non-absorbent materials it is hygienic and easy to clean.

Even graffiti can be wiped off with WD40, though in our experience normal household cleaning materials are sufficient.

Extra Information

Weight:  15kg

Key Advantages

Decking Style Junior Picnic Table in Recycled Plastic Wood

Main Features:
  • Needs no maintenance
  • Does not rot
  • Water and frost proof
  • Traditional design with the look and feel of wood
  • Recycled and recyclable plastic
  • UV protected against fading
  • Robust construction with nickel bolts that will not rust
  • Will last for generations of children