Recycled Plastic Sheet


Recycled plastic sheet performs better than wood - no maintenance costs, better appearance

Stokbord recycled plastic sheet as panelling or lining on stable wallsStokbord recycled plastic sheet as keyside buffers on canalKedel Round Recycled Plastic Table for Children made from HDPE sheetStokbord recycled plastic sheet used as scum boards in water treatment plant
Stable LiningCanal Side BufferChildren's Outdoor Table
Made from HDPE Sheet
Scum Board at 
water treatment plant

Key benefits:

  • Never rots
  • Needs no maintenance
  • Does not warp, crack or splinter
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals - useful in the lab
  • Contains no toxic preservatives
    - safe for agricultural and equestrian use
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Graffiti easily removed with WD40 and ultra fine wire wool
  • Range of thicknesses and colours
  • 100% recycled and recyclable

Specification sheets:

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Stormboard | High Impact

Stormboard | High Impact£91.80

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UV Protected Recycled Plastic Storm Board. Tough, maintenance-free, rot-proof and re-usable. 

HDPE Sheet - Sandwich Colours - Recycled Plastic

HDPE Sheet - Sandwich Colours - Recycled PlasticFrom:  £62.28

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Durable, recycled plastic HDPE sheet in 3 thicknesses - 12.7mm, 15mm and 19mm. Available in 5 sandwich colour combinations. Durable, UV protected against fading and designed to last for many decades of use. Versatile, durable, graffiti easily removed with household cleaners or WD40. Resistant to most chemicals. Splinter-free.

HDPE Sheet - Solid Colours - Recycled Plastic

HDPE Sheet - Solid Colours - Recycled PlasticFrom:  £31.15

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UV protected , non-toxic, colourfast, versatile and durable. Perfect for where a strong, lightweight plastic sheet is required

HDPE sheet | Recycled Plastic | Black 12mm thick

HDPE sheet | Recycled Plastic | Black 12mm thick£206.40

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HDPE sheet up to 80% recycled plastic content. Available in Black full sheets only.

Recycled Mixed Plastic Sheet /Board | (D)25mm

Recycled Mixed Plastic Sheet /Board | (D)25mmFrom:  £49.61

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Recycled Mixed Plastic Sheet. Guaranteed to last at least 25 years. Strong, sturdy, rot proof and available in two bespoke colours.

Stokbord - Recycled Plastic Sheet - Board

Stokbord - Recycled Plastic Sheet - BoardFrom:  £361.45

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Stokbord is a high standard, robust, tough and durable recycled plastic wood board supplied as (L)2440 x (W)1220 sheets in a variety of thicknesses. Made from 100% recycled plastic. It has multiple applications from agricultural and equestrian to building and construction.


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