Grit, Salt, General Purpose Storage Bin  200ltr
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Grit, Salt, General Purpose Storage Bin 200ltr

£275.62 inc. VAT
(£229.68 ex. VAT)

Available in various bright colours and highly durable.



Grit/Salt Store for Icy Mornings and more...

200ltr grit and salt storage bin in recycled plastic from kedel

We looked for a Grit and Salt storage bin in recycled plastic, but we couldn't find any. So we chose one that is fully recyclable, so should it eventually loose its charm, you will be able to recycle it, and we can turn it into something completely different.

Our Kedel grit, salt or solid fuel storage bin, comes in several UV protected colours that are guaranteed to keep its colour for years.

It isn't recycled plastic, but is fully recyclable should it eventually loose its charm.

Choose a bright easy to see and immediately recognisable colour, or if you prefer, there are also colours to blend your bin into any background.

Our 200ltr Grit Bin is ideal not only for salt and grit, but also for storing solid fuel or anything similar that you want to keep dry, and have easy access to, especially in the winter, but without it being an eyesore.

Bespoke colours are available in quantity orders too.

There are two models to choose from. This 200ltr version or the larger 400ltr model.

These are tough hard wearing, durable and impact resistant, with double skinned lids, so they will stand a bump or two from the car.

Being plastic they are water repellant with a close fitting lid that prevents water getting in. Whatever is inside the bin stays dry in the worst of weathers.

Extra Information

Dimensions  (W)700 x (D)570 x (H)800
Weight  12kg
Colour  Blue, Granite (Grey), Green, Jet (Black), Lime (Light Green), Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
Capacity  200ltr
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