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Wooden Outdoor Garden Furniture Costs more to Maintain than to Buy

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Popular Products
Raised Bed | Raised Garden Bed | Flower Bed | Recycled Plastic

Raised Bed | Raised Garden Bed | Flower Bed | Recycled PlasticFrom:  £39.00

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Our Raised Beds (Garden Beds) are good value. Never rot. Made from British Recycled Plastic

Ground Reinforcement Grids | Permeable Paving Mesh | 6 sq metre

Ground Reinforcement Grids | Permeable Paving Mesh | 6 sq metre£98.40

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6 sq Linear Meters (54 interlinked grids) of 100% Recycled British Plastic Hard Standing with Drainage. 9 interlinked grids make 1 sq meter. Carries up to 16 ton axle weight. No planning permission needed - INSTALL GUIDE

Irwell 4 seater garden bench

Irwell 4 seater garden benchFrom:  £518.50

Add to Basket  (1)100% Eco-friendly recycled plastic. Will last up to 25 years without maintenance, repair and certainly without replacement. The Irwell 4 seater Bench is ideal for gardens, parks and makes for a great family sized bench. Available in Black and Nut Brown
Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber - Marine Decking - 150mm x 27mm x 3.6m

Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber - Marine Decking - 150mm x 27mm x 3.6m£33.60

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Marine Decking 150 x 27mm. Will never rot, excellent slip resistance on all our decking. Better than wood. Very hard wearing - Lasts a lifetime. Total cost is initial installation, no on going maintenance costs - lower lifetime cost than wood decking. Decking Products Leaflet | Install Advice | See Case Study Video

British Recycled Plastic Products
100% Recycled Plastic Wood Lumber

Keep plastic out of landfill • Buy recycled plastic products today

Products made from recycled plastic lumber, save you time and money.

No painting is needed as it does not rot, is impervious to insects

and looks like new for 50+ years.


Products Made from 100% Recycled Plastic Lumber

Recycled Plastic Wood and Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber
made only from plastic sourced from
UK door drop collections

Recycled plastic lumber also known as recycled plastic wood, is made from taking your useless plastic rubbish, and after it has been processed carefully, using 66% less energy than is used in virgin plastic production, we make something both aesthtically pleasing and useful out of it. When you have finished with our products, you can recycle them again. This is the ideal recycling scenario.

With our most popular product, a Recycled Plastic Compost Tumbler / Compost Bin - appropriately named, 'The Compost Creator', we are going a step further than simply recycling. We reuse a food grade plastic bin reclaimed from the food industry, and turn it into something else. Reuse is superior to recycling, as it avoids the consumption of energy involved in flaking the old plastic, melting it down and remoulding it into something else.

Reusing your plastic keeps it out of landfill as well as reducing your carbon footprint and the impact of manufacturing on global warming. Recycled plastic construction projects are the most efficient way to reduce waste and promote sustainable development. Building green sustainable homes for example, made from recycled plastic, will help significantly. Waste plastic takes many years to degrade and can do a lot of environmental damage to both the land, insects, fish, animals and of course ourselves. So we hope you will make Kedel your first choice when you shop for home and garden products. Recycled Plastic Lumberrecycled plastic wood,  otherwise known as recycled plastic timber, is the building block from which our products are manufactured.

Our Recycled plastic products are durable, beautiful and will maintain their appearance for many years to come. They include the famous Compost Tumbler, or Compost Bin, Raised Beds, Garden Planters, 2 and 3 Seater Garden Benches, Sports BenchesGround Reinforcementeco fence products, recycled street furniture and Ground Fixings to stop things walking, or blowing away, Recycled Plastic (synthetic wood) and Recycled plastic profiles (mixed plastic). So now you can do a bit of DIY, or any major building and construction project using Recycled Plastic Wood from the UK, manufactured into recycled plastic planks, sheets or boards such as Stokbord. They do not rot, entertain mould growth, or need painting. This is not just low maintenance, it's no maintenance.

With our headquarters in Colne, Lancashire why not pay us a visit! If your in the local area of which might include Nelson, Foulridge, Lane Bottom, Burnley, Bradford, Clitheroe, Accrington, Blackburn, Keighley, Newchurch, Preston, Rochdale, Huddersfield, Shipley, Dewsbury, Castleford, Harrogate, Wakefield, Darwen, Leyland, Halifax, Bacup, Hebden Bridge, Baroldswick, West Yorkshire and quite possibly Manchester or Bolton, then come and visit our showroom and see our elegant products first hand. Experience them as they are, be amazed that they are not wood as you know it, but recycled plastic that looks and feels like wood - superior in design and superior in quality to traditional wood lumber products.

Sound Reasons to use Recycled Plastic Products

There are sound reasons for reducing our carbon footprint by using recycled plastic over virgin plastic. A tonne of recycled plastic produces 250% less Carbon Dioxide during manufacture compared to 1 tonne of virgin plastic production. It's a no brainer. Some people still think global warming may not be true. In the past the earth's climate has fluctuated in similar ways to that taking place now, but the scientific evidence clearly points to human contributions as the main cause this time. Arguments circulating on the internet to the contrary are simply not rational, and pointedly ignore some obvious scientific indicators.




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