Our Mission 

Kedel Limited is a family business, founded on ethical and ecologically sound principles. 

We created our business to showcase the very best recycled plastic products, putting green, sustainable living at the heart of all our company decisions. 

As a team, we are dedicated to promoting sustainability and making it as easy as possible for customers to incorporate it into their personal and working environments. 

We believe that these choices will help bring us healthier, happier lives, and a much better future for all generations to come. 

Our Goals

Through our sustainability strategies, we are committed to achieving our goals. 

Sustainable Products

We only manufacture products using recycled and recyclable materials, enabling our customers to maintain a reduced carbon footprint. We will only source and promote a product range that has a proven to have a minimal environmental impact. 

Sustainable Supply Chain

We do not import or export plastic waste. Transporting waste plastic around the globe significantly increases its carbon footprint, defeating the purpose of recycling and rendering it unsustainable. 

All of our waste plastic is sourced in the UK, with a very small amount from Europe, allowing us to develop a closed loop recycling process that can be indefinitely maintained. We regularly ask our suppliers for traceability of the bulk materials that we use in our product range, ensuring they continue to meet our strict criteria. 

Sustainable Manufacturing Policy

All aspects of our business are conducted in a way that ensures we have the least impact on the environment. By continually re-evaluating our operations, we minimise waste by ensuring we only use the most up-to-date machinery and make efficient use of energy. 

  • Wherever possible, we use transportation methods that consider the environment, utilising vehicles with lower toxic emissions and higher efficiency. 
  • We actively promote recycling processes within the company and amongst our customers and suppliers. 
  • Almost everything we need to conduct business is sourced from within a 50-mile radius of our manufacturing unit, reducing the carbon footprint of transportation. 
  • Where possible we pack all our products in recycled or pre-used packaging to minimise waste. 
  • We constantly seek to meet or exceed any environmental legislation that relates to our business operations. 
  • We regularly scrutinise these strategies and invite others to assess our performance. This ensures that we do not become complacent or forget the ideals on which our business is founded.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our ecological and environmental processes. If you have any ideas on how we can better increase our contributions, get in touch with the team today. 

Our Domestic and Commercial Services

Our products are suitable for a wide range of property types, ensuring we are able to cater to both domestic and commercial customers. We provide services and products for local authorities, educational environments, housing associations, small retailers and more. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our B2B services. 

Our Story

Kedel’s origin begins in Colne, Lancashire, where three brothers found themselves redundant through no fault of their own. What began as a small hobby project for Kieran; creating a garden compost tumbler out of a used food grade 210lt screw top plastic bin, (reclaimed from the food industry, and a base made out of recycled plastic lumber) quickly became the seed of an ambitious business idea. 

The compost bin was a success, and after selling well on eBay, Kieran enlisted the help of his younger brother, Dermot, an experienced sales and marketing manager. The brothers decided to undertake market research to see if recycled plastic products had a future and if there was a market for them in today’s world. 

The final piece of the puzzle arrived in the form of eldest brother, Lewis, who brought his photographic, journalistic and presentation skills to the table as well as creating the first Kedel website and customer service operation. 

Did you know? The name 'Kedel' emerged from the first names of the brothers, Kieran, Dermot and Lewis and was suggested by Kieran's wife, Sue.

The family business continued to expand with the introduction of a nephew, Nathan, who brought his industrial product design skills to the business, and another nephew, David, who used his online marketing skills to push Kedel to the masses. Much to the surprise of Kedel’s competitors!

A 1000 sq ft unit in Colne was initially leased with a small grant from Pendle Council. After less than 12 months the unit was outgrown and Kedel moved to a 6000 sq ft unit at Daisy Mill, expanding only 6 months later into an additional 6,000 sq foot unit next door. And still it grew, and Kedel is now working from a 25,000 sq foot building on Oswald Street in Burnley.

Obviously something seems to be working well, and that something is Recycled Plastic Building and Construction Materials, and a market thirsty for maintenance-free, low-carbon, eco-friendly products.

Meet the Team

The Kedel team continues to grow to meet increased demand, with 25 talented employees currently working to meet our company goals.