Hard Landscaping

We supply a range of hard landscaping materials made from recycled plastic, with everything you need to make your landscaping project in Recycled Plastic instead of wood with no maintenance for life! Browse our Sleepers, Fencing, Posts, Recycled Plastic Garden Edge, Planters, Outdoor Furniture, Decking and more...

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Landscaping with wooden materials has lots of hidden disadvantages that you might not see at the time of purchase. For example, wooden materials will need to be constantly maintained due to rot, splitting and cracking, while it’s also prone to bug and insect infestations that can cause devastation. For wooden landscaping materials to keep up appearances, they need to be replaced frequently which can result in spending a lot of money. Recycled plastic hard landscaping materials from Kedel are the effective alternative, helping save you excess amounts of money, time and effort. Resistant to rot and bugs as well as lasting a lifetime without replacement, recycled plastic for hard landscaping is the obvious choice. Our range of recycled plastic hard landscaping materials are also 100% eco-friendly, and help to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills. Browse our extensive range of hard landscaping products today, or take a look at our range of parks and leisure equipment including recycled plastic picnic tables and recycled plastic benches.