Recycled Tree Stakes

Reusable Recycled Plastic Tree Stakes Don't Crack or Splinter

Available with or without a point, our recycled tree stakes come with a steel reinforced inner sleeve that doesn't rust because it's covered.... You can expect our recycled tree stakes to last longer than the tree! They never rot, so just place them once and forget them. Every few years, you can pull them out and use them again on a different tree.

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Recycled Mixed Plastic Round Post with Point Ductile
£2.56  -  £94.28
Reinforced Recycled Plastic Round Post Flat Top 80mm
£31.99  -  £49.60


With wooden tree stakes, inevitable exposure to the elements causes them to rot, crack, splinter, and after a short time, become completely unusable. Would you rather replace hundreds of wood stakes over a few years, or buy reusable recycled plastic ones that have the potential to last longer than the tree itself?


Aside from their obvious use, recycled tree stakes can also be used to support all kinds of garden plants. If you have a plant that needs support or somewhere to vine, our stake products are an excellent option. Aside from their versatility, you'll also find them the most sustainable option. The material we use comes from recycled household waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This is important to think on each time you replace your wooden stakes and throw them away. Why not turn waste into beautiful and long-lasting tools that will provide massive cost savings over the years?

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