Recycled Plastic Sheets

Recycled Plastic Boards and Sheets, designed for all Building and Construction Applications.

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HDPE Sheet - Sandwich Colours
£105.60  -  £553.20 inc. VAT
HDPE Sheet - Solid Colours - Textured/Scratch Resistant
£105.60  -  £553.20 inc. VAT
HDPE Sheets  Colour Sheets  Smooth
£124.36 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Sheet /Board  (D)25mm
£70.32  -  £142.52 inc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Foundation Pad
£10.18  -  £80.34 inc. VAT
Stokbord - Recycled Plastic Sheet - Board
£71.88  -  £2,098.80 inc. VAT
Stormboard High Impact Sheet/Board
£179.87 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

Recycled Plastic Sheets have a wide variety of applications including Scum boards in water treatment plants, animal shelters and stables, agricultural use, marine wall jetty buffers, flooring, as well as multicoloured HDPE sheet for Schools play equipment and educational use. Only 7% of the plastic produced each year is currently recycled, with polystyrene waste taking up about 30% of landfill space. No one currently knows how long polystyrene takes to degrade, except to say that it takes a very long time. Recycling it as high quality plastic wood not only makes it useful again, but prevents vast amounts of plastic ending up in expensive, increasingly scarce landfill sites.

The Durable Nature of a Recycled Plastic Boards

Not only do our recycled plastic boards work for almost any project, but they also retain their longevity and colour for decades. Unlike wood or metal, plastic sheets do not rot, rust, or splinter - it's simply a high quality option that allows you to save thousands on maintenance and replacement. Recycled plastic sheets can be molded into anything that requires this kind of durability.

Recycled Plastic Stokbord Scum Boards used in water treatment plantStokbord recycled plastic sheet board as stable wallsStokbord used as canal side jetty buffersMulti coloured HDPE plastic sheet sandwich board pirate flag