Recycled Plastic Gates

Our Recycled Plastic Gates do not rot, crack or splinter and last at least 5 times longer than treated wood, offering 100% saving on maintenance and replacement costs. ... We have a wide variety to choose from, including plastic wood gates, tongue and groove boards and recycled plastic gate posts and battens that can be used for double door gates, driveway gates, back gates and work well with our recycled plastic fencing. Improve the security and longevity of your property with recycled plastic fences and gates- an eco-friendly, low carbon building materials option. We no longer supply bespoke made gates but we do supply the materials for you to make your own. Just give our national Sales Manager, Gordon Shorrock, a call on: 01282 861325, email or use our Quick Quote Form

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Back Gate  Plastic Wood  Recycled Plastic
£262.80  -  £446.40 inc. VAT
Door Trim  Door Stop  Recycled Plastic Wood  20 x 16mm
£2.09  -  £4.96 inc. VAT
Multicoloured Plastic Wood Picket Gate Recycled Plastic
£179.00  -  £438.90 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Picket Gate
£258.00  -  £390.00 inc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood - Synthetic Wood - T&G - (W)100 x (D)18mm
£20.69  -  £48.77 inc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood 38 x 22mm  Batten/Gate Stop
£4.62  -  £16.36 inc. VAT

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Recycled Plastic Gates - trouble free and Easy to maintain

double door gate made from recycled plastic tongue and groove from kedel double door gate made from recycled plastic tongue and groove from kedel double door gates made from recycled plastic tongue and groove from kedel back gate made from recycled plastic tongue and groove from kedel gate post made from recycled plastic from kedel

The future has arrived in the form of Maintenance-free Recycled Plastic Gates. Made from recycled plastic and recyclable plastic. Nothing need be wasted anymore. They are perfect for a garden setting, whether it be a backyard, garden or a larger community space requiring higher gates. Our plastic gates for driveways can easily be fitted into an existing gateway and are supplied complete with hinges and all hardware needed to install with an existing wall or post. Ultimately, plastic eco gates and fencing make for a quick, easy, low maintenance fix for all of your garden or enclosure needs. Kedel recycled plastic gates are made in two types of recycled material: Recycled plastic wood and recycled mixed plastic. 

Recycled plastic wood, which is a dense version of blown, extruded polystyrene foam, has the same density and weight as some South American hard woods, and has even been mistaken for wood by some of our customers, as it has quite a close resemblance to the real thing. We use it both for plastic gates and fencing as well as Recycled Plastic Garden Furniture.

Our eco gates can be made in any RAL colour and appear like any type of wood, including golden oak or wood with white or grey tones. The colour is all the way through and will never need paint or preservative as it will never rot. The highest UV protection you can get against fading colour is 8 and Kedel's plastic wood is 7-8.

We also make gates in Recycled Plastic Lumber derived from most of what families throw away every day into their recycling bin - plastic milk bottles, plastic bags, buckets, paint trays etc. In the UK we tend not to sort our plastic very well, so this makes getting bright colours more difficult, so generally our mixed plastic will only be found in black or nut brown colours.  We often choose to combine both types of plastic in our products.

The black double gates above are made from 100 x 18mm recycled plastic wood tongue and groove planks, and these are attached to the walls at each side via 100 x 100mm recycled mixed plastic posts. The overlap is a 120 x 20 Plastic wood profile. We also combine both in some of our school outdoor play and learn furniture and multicoloured picnic tables and benches which have plastic wood tops which we can make in bright colours often preferred by children. You will almost certainly never need to pay them much attention. Once installed, our eco gates stay beautiful and low maintenance for years on end.


Recycled plastic as a building material is one of the greatest innovations; it's affordable, lightweight, sustainable, low maintenance, durable, and retains its color and clean appearance for decades. Recycled plastic gives household waste such as plastic shampoo and milk bottles a new life. Your purchase of our recycled and recyclable gates is actively helping us combat the scourge that is plastic waste pollution. Once in the landfill, plastic can take decades to biodegrade. Further, it endangers the animals that might mistake it for food. The benefit of recycled plastic gates specifically is the true value; at an affordable rate comes a durable and beautiful addition to your enclosure that is designed to fit with an existing wall or post. Lightweight, available in endless design options, easy to install, and great for the environment, recycled plastic gates are hard to turn down.