Plastic Building Materials 

Recycled Plastic building materials vs Wood In Construction 


Kedel are proud to offer an extensive range of recycled building materials that provide multiple benefits in comparison to using other materials such as wood. Wooden building materials may seem like an easier option, but always result in rotting, splitting and accumulation of bugs without constant maintenance and frequent replacements. On the other hand, recycled construction materials from Kedel will never rot, require no maintenance, will last a lifetime and do not attract bugs or insects. Plastic building materials are also 100% eco-friendly, helping to lower your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of easily reusable plastic on landfills. Browse our wide range today and discover the likes of recycled plastic decking and recycled plastic lumber suitable for a variety of different building and construction projects. Recycled plastic building materials from Kedel can be worked with normal woodworking tools, and you can check out this guide for more help. Want to know more about our recycled building materials? Watch our video below for further details on our plastic wood, where it comes from and examples of how it can be utilised for outdoor building projects. 

What's more, we can also provide products for housing associations and groups too. If you are searching for a housing supplier with sustainable practices, please get in touch on 01282 861325


What house materials are eco friendly?

Our recycled plastic building supplies are an eco-friendly option when it comes to choosing construction materials. Made from recycled plastic, this helps to keep waste out of landfill, whilst also providing a long lasting, highly durable material for housing and construction jobs.

What are the benefits of recycled building materials?

Recycled building materials provide a long lasting, highly durable finish. It is also rot proof, splinter free and impervious to water and frost.