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Nursery School Outdoor Play Equipment

Brightly coloured eco-friendly outdoor furniture such as benches, picnic tables and play dens that never rot or splinter and are completely impervious to water, frost, insects and fungi.... Take the classroom outside with our rainbow numbers and letters too and make learning for young children exciting. Throw out old, dreary looking wooden fencing that costs an arm and a leg to maintain each year, and replace it with out multicoloured recycled plastic fencing. Our nursery school outdoor play equipment never splinters, never rots and is UV protected.

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Cube Play Den Picket Fence Module
Cube Play Den Picket Fence Module
£241.38  -  £536.32
Cube Play Den Trellis and Planter Module
Cube Play Den Trellis and Planter Module
Kids Play Barn  100% Recycled Plastic
Kids Play Barn 100% Recycled Plastic

Get rid of old, splintered timber products today and brighten up your nursery with our range of nursery school outdoor play equipment.

Made with recycled plastic, our outdoor play equipment will never splinter or rot, making it safe for children to play with without the worry of getting splinters in their fingers. 

As well as this, our outdoor play equipment requires no maintenance throughout its lifetime, helping save money, time and effort on replacements and maintenance jobs. It’s hygienic and easy to clean with everyday cleaning products, making it ideal for areas where a lot of children play together. 

Coloured timber tends to fade from day one, whereas our coloured recycled plastic features bright UV protected colours that are ideal for sunny nursery gardens and yards.

Opting for recycled plastic play equipment is also beneficial for the environment, helping users maintain a reduced carbon footprint by preventing the amount of reusable plastic heading into dangerous landfills that have many negative impacts on our planet.

Take a look at our full range of school products today and discover a full range of coloured picnic tables for schools as well as raised garden planters.