Recycled Plastic Planters

Recycled Plastic Planters Need No Maintenance

You don't need to buy planters more than once if you use Recycled Plastic Planters instead of wood. It's the intelligent and eco-friendly choice.... Wood rots and needs maintenance and replacement every 5-7 years (See cost comparison study by WRAP). Recycled plastic planters on the other hand will cost more initially, but more than pay for itself in just a few years, as it lasts for decades with no maintenance or replacement costs.

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Recycled Plastic Planter Bench | Ribble
£845.99  -  £1,172.77 inc. VAT
Rectangular Bed - Planter - Recycled Plastic - Plastic Wood
£296.65  -  £314.51 inc. VAT
Garden Centre Display Table | Potting Table | Recycled Plastic
£292.84  -  £592.75 inc. VAT
Square Bed - Planter - Recycled Plastic - Plastic Wood
£204.64  -  £232.10 inc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Garden Planter (Outdoor Planter)
£102.85  -  £217.36 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

Opting for recycled plastic planters for your garden not only benefits the environment, but benefits your pocket and free time too. 

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of recycled plastic wood planters, all of which are made with recycled materials to create a product that will last a lifetime. With no maintenance required and its resistance from rot, bugs and vandalism, our recycled plastic products never need to be replaced and will save you the time, money and effort in the long run.

Ideal for use by children, we offer a variety of recycled plastic planters that can be doubled as sand boxes and other play boxes. Our rainbow coloured planter is popular with schools and nurseries, and made with recycled CD cases to produce a unique plastic wood material.

Our recycled plastic planters also help users maintain a reduced carbon footprint, as they help prevent unnecessary plastic materials from entering landfill sites that danger our planet.

Browse our full range of recycled landscape materials today alongside our eco planters and discover everything from compost bins to recycled plastic garden edge and recycled plastic garden boxes.