Ground Reinforcement Grids

High Quality Drainage and Ground Reinforcement Grids and Permeable Paving Grids provide firm ground as well as a sustainable drainage system (SuDS). ...They are the intelligent solution to the problem of excess surface water and keep from adding to the increasing UK flooding risk. The grids can be filled with sharp stone chippings, gravel, or even be planted with soil/sand and grass seed or sedum. Because they allow rain water to drain through, no planning permission is needed. Ground reinforcement grids are ideal for driveways, temporary parking, special event parking or special access roads. Can carry up to 16 tonne axle weight or 250 tonnes per square metre. 

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X-Grids - Ground Reinforcement Grids
£14.52 inc. VAT
GeoGrid | Ground Reinforcement Grid
£19.80  -  £29.70 inc. VAT
Ground Reinforcement Grids | Permeable Paving Mesh
£19.90  -  £1,114.59 inc. VAT
Modular Decking | Moulded Recycled Plastic Sections
£163.86  -  £208.66 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Amphibian Guard 600 x 1920
£68.48  -  £73.97 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Boards/Container Levellers 400 x 50mm
£64.34  -  £85.74 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Border Edging | Kerb Stone | 260 x 50mm
£69.80  -  £76.86 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Footpath Planks 165 x 48mm
£21.96  -  £33.01 inc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Eco Paving Slab (Slotted)  | 40mm thick
£5.41  -  £5.84 inc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Shed Base
£60.19  -  £332.64 inc. VAT

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Ideal for unsteady ground, driveways, temporary parking, special event parking, special access roads, or anywhere that needs ground reinforcement. A recycled plastic reinforcement grid can carry up to 16 tonne axle weight or 250 tonnes per square metre. When filled with gravel, grass, or other type of reinforcement, they are sure to stay in place.

Laying recycled plastic gravel grids can provide excellent ground reinforcement when filled with planted grass, gravel, or stone chippings. A ground reinforcement grid also comes in handy where the ground is usually unstable, causing tires to become stuck. With a driveway gravel grid for reinforcement, tires can gain traction without slipping. Any unpaved surface - sand, gravel, clay - can benefit from ground reinforcement, and recycled plastic gravel grids are durable and incredibly low maintenance products. Simply lay them and forget about them without the hassle of an unstable ground.

Sold by the square metre. Made entirely from British sourced waste plastic, collected from domestic and commercial recycled plastic. For larger quantities please call: 01282 861325 or drop us a line.

What are ground grids used for?

Ground grids can be used for car parks, to prevents erosion and wear on public footpaths and strengthens grassed areas. Can also be used for temporary roadways, shed bases embankments, green roofs, tree beds, gold walkways, caravan parking and hard standing.

Can you lay gravel grids on concrete?

Yes, gravel grids can be laid on top on concrete to add stability.