Just Do the Job Once

Use of recycled plastic instead of pressure treated wood means you won't have to keep revisiting work you have already completed. No maintenance, no toxic chemicals to leach into the soil, no rot. Recycled plastic posts do not crack, are impervious to water, have no splinters and animals don't chew them. Unlike wooden posts, livestock tend not to use them as scratching aids as the surface is not rough enough for them. If you want to save time and money, don't use wood ever again in any application where recycled plastic profiles will do the same job. And in the long run it costs you much less (See WRAP Cost Comparison Study) Fencing Case Study Video

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Edging Board Pegs with point  Recycled Plastic
£2.68  -  £3.22 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Planks  Boards 120 x 35
£9.66  -  £30.34 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Round Post with Point  Ductile
£3.04  -  £111.47 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Square Post  Ductile  100 x 100mm
£23.28  -  £70.61 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic T&G  130 x 38mm  View Protection Wall
£30.56  -  £34.92 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Tongue & Groove Plank/Board 120 x 45mm
£11.95  -  £44.12 inc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood - Synthetic Wood - T&G - (W)100 x (D)18mm
£20.69  -  £48.77 inc. VAT
Reinforced Recycled Mixed Plastic T&G Plank/Board 200 x 42mm
£92.59  -  £98.15 inc. VAT
Reinforced Recycled Plastic Round Post Flat Top 80mm
£37.82  -  £58.64 inc. VAT
Stokbord - Recycled Plastic Sheet - Board
£71.88  -  £2,098.80 inc. VAT

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Recycled Plastic Fencing Case Study