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Recycled Plastic Fencing and Gates

Our Recycled Plastic Fencing and Recycled Plastic Gates offer you a lifetime of zero maintenance. Plastic wood fencing or recycled plastic fences and gates outperform treated timber and composite wood in many aspects. Most notably it's longevity (see WRAP study here). Recycled Plastic fence rails, rot-proof fence posts and pales will never crack or splinter. Meaning they'll last for decades without the need for any painting, staining or oiling of any kind. It won't age as drastically as wooden fencing either because Kedel's Recycled Plastic Fences and Gates are completely impervious to water, frost, insects and fungi. Recycled Plastic Gates by Kedel are just as tough and as durable as our eco fencing. We provide a range of colours and gate insert styles and sizes for you to choose from so that you can create the perfect maintenance-free gate for your property. Our recycled plastic tongue and groove boards are available in Tear Drop, Standard and Multicoloured. Unlike composite garden gates, our designs are entirely impervious to water, frost, insects and fungi with no painting needed.


Ready to Install Your New Recycled Plastic Fences?

Check out this helpful tutorial video below. It will guide you through all the necessary steps you should take in order to get the best results possible when installing our Recycled Plastic Fences. 

why choose recycled plastic fences & gates?

You may be in two minds as whether or not to invest in a new material such as recycled plastic, that you may never have used before, or stick to traditional wood. Below is a little information that may help enlighten your decision...

What makes recycled plastic so different to wood composite?

Wood, and even composite materials, will rot over time. This is due to their structure, with wood being a naturally organic and biodegradable material, and composite wood containing a mixture of plastic, wood and straw. However with natural wood, you can prolong the life of the material by maintaining it with either paint, oils, stains or treated preservatives. However, these require more cost and man hours on an annual occurrence. Some treated preservatives can also carry a negative stigma with them due to uncertainties about their affect on the environment. 

Recycled plastic on the other hand will not rot over time at all. The durability that comes with plastic is unrivalled, combine that with the fact that our materials are made from discarded waste plastic that would otherwise be destined for landfill or the ocean, and you've got yourself a durable, maintenance-free, low-carbon, rot-proof building material that will last for decades. Not to mention, our materials are versatile and can be worked with in the same way as wood. For more information on working with plastic wood, check out our guide. 

What materials can be made from recycled plastic?

We have an enormous range of profiles and products, all made from recycled plastic. We have rot-proof fence posts, gate posts, picket fencing, fence rails, rot-proof garden gates, recycled plastic decking boards, recycled plastic chairs for outdoor use, recycled plastic benches and more!