Recycled PLASTIC Garden Boxes

Our plastic raised allotment beds are extremely durable and are a product of recycled plastic waste. ...The key advantages are obvious: Plastic is impervious to the elements, needs very little upkeep, and stays looking brand new for ages if it is high-quality manufacturing. Recycled plastic garden boxes, like our other plastic furniture products, is durable by nature, and because of this becomes more cost-effective than replacing unsustainable wood raised beds every year or two. Plastic raised allotment beds are perfect for any outdoor project that requires a raised garden bed: composting, gardening, sandbox for children, etc.! Between ice, snow, rain, and direct sunlight, wood or composite materials can't even compete. Plastic is a durable material, and what's more, a highly sustainable option. Why not use recycled waste and clean up our planet while also creating beautiful, long-lasting plastic raised beds?


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Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

Recycled Plastic Garden Boxes: Think Outside the Box

Recycled Raised Beds on Allotment from Kedel LimitedRecycled Plastic Raised bed from Kedel

Many gardeners commonly use wood for their raised allotment beds, which ends up being a costly option after a few replacements and time-consuming maintenance (not to mention that they start to look decrepit after about a year in the elements). However, when using a recycled plastic garden boxes in your garden, the possibilities open up!
To name a few:
• Make an easy compost pile, where you WANT bacteria to thrive, and where the bacteria will STAY out of porous wood or composite material.
• Raised beds for a kids' sandbox!
•Consider growing your garden inside plastic raised beds to keep from trampling or soiling by animals.
• Keep earthworms - Earthworms thrive in a moist, humid environment. Plastic raised beds will provide this excellent feature of your garden without rotting!
• Raised garden beds are perfect for community gardens in parks or public spaces, as they will be separated from the rest of the walkway.

Raised Allotment beds in Recycled Plastic will last decades longer than wood 

No maintenance and no rotten wood... But there are other Advantages:

  1. Digging disturbs soil structure, just add compost and feed on top... worms do the digging for you
  2. Raised beds can be higher, saving your back
  3. Can be a very attractive feature in your garden
  4. A raised bed is a barrier to pests. Copper strips on the edges stop slugs
  5. Dogs less likely to do their toilet directly on your plants
  6. Drains better as the soil is raised higher
  7. Reduces weeds... use a weed barrier underneath
  8. Can plant raised beds earlier as they are warmer allowing a longer growing season. Great for children or beginners!

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