Childrens Raised Garden Planters For Schools

Recycled plastic raised beds are extremely durable and are a product of recycled plastic waste. The key advantages are obvious:... They are impervious to the elements, need very little upkeep, and stay looking brand new for ages. Childrens raised garden planters for schools, like our other plastic furniture products, is durable by nature, and because of this becomes more cost-effective than replacing unsustainable wood raised beds every year or two. Childrens raised garden planters are perfect for any school outdoor project that requires a raised garden bed: composting, gardening, sandbox for children, etc.! Between ice, snow, rain, and direct sunlight, wood or composite materials can't even compete. Plastic is a durable material, and what's more, a highly sustainable option. Why not use recycled waste and clean up our planet while also creating beautiful, long-lasting garden products?

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Beastie Box  Recycled Plastic
£670.80 inc. VAT
Children's Recycled Plastic Adventure Ship  Sand Box  Raised Bed
£1,012.67  -  £1,101.01 inc. VAT
Edging Board Pegs with point  Recycled Plastic
£2.68  -  £3.22 inc. VAT
Garden Centre Display Table  Potting Table  Recycled Plastic
£366.00  -  £738.00 inc. VAT
Plastic Wood Raised Bed  Recycled Plastic
£59.99  -  £317.96 inc. VAT
Rectangular Bed - Planter - Recycled Plastic - Plastic Wood
£296.65  -  £314.51 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Raised Beds
£232.80  -  £958.80 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items

Plastic Garden Products - The Advantages are Clear 

Our recycled plastic children’s raised garden planters for schools are designed to last decades longer than timber, with no maintenance required throughout their lifetime and full resistance to rot. Other advantages of opting for recycled plastic raised garden planters to include:

  1. No digging required - simply add compost feed on top and worms will dig for you
  2. Raised beds can be higher, saving your back 
  3. Offer an attractive feature in any garden area
  4. A raised bed is a barrier to pests. Copper strips on the edges stop slugs from getting in
  5. Dogs are less likely to walk and litter directly on your plants 
  6. Drains better as the soil is raised higher 
  7. Reduces weeds 
  8. Can plant raised beds earlier as they are warmer allowing a longer growing season 
  9. Great for children and schools

For more, take a look at our full range of recycled plastic planters today, or browse our extensive selection of school benches and nursery equipment.