Recycled Plastic Tongue & Groove Boards

Timber/Wood VS Recycled Plastic Tongue and Groove

  • Do you want it to rot? I guess not.
  • Do you want to paint it every year? Unlikely!
  • Do you want to keep replacing it? No? Didn't think so.
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Our range of recycled plastic tongue and groove boards can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. From use on exterior walls as cladding to use on doorways and fencing, our versatile selection is made from recycled materials and requires no maintenance throughout its lifetime. Images below show our recycled plastic tongue and groove boards installed at various locations including Barry Island beach huts, Farnworth golf club, north Manchester, Lancashire and Halifax. Suited for all of these versatile locations, our recycled plastic product is resistant to rot and vandalism, as well as designed to last a lifetime no matter the conditions of its location. Barry Island beach huts are installed right by the sea, with a damp air full of salt that would badly damage timber products. However, our recycled plastic tongue and groove for sheds are unaffected and stay looking good no matter what the conditions are.

Need a little more convincing? Our video below shows you all the benefits of recycled plastic tongue and groove boards when used as an option for plastic tongue and groove cladding. Browse our full range of recycled plastic building construction products today and discover the likes of recycled plastic decking and sheet/board.

Can tongue and groove be used outside?

Yes. Our recycled plastic tongue and groove can be used outside on sheds, decking, fence panels and other exterior projects.

What is difference between shiplap and tongue and groove?

Tongue and groove has interlocking panels while shiplap has a groove running along the side which allows water run off.