Recycled plastic lumber - mixed plastics - Tongue and Groove - 147 x 34mm

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Visible face 138mm / full width including tongue, 147mm
11 kg
Product Description


Tongue and groove - install and forget it
Entirely maintenance free

Decking area made from recycled plastic profilesIt's the truth.

Once you have laid this down as flooring or made a gate or shed with it, you can completely forget about maintenance. Manufactured to Ultra recycled plastic specification.

It will never need varnishing, has good slip resistance, will never be eaten by insects, will never rot, is hygienic and does not absorb moisture, frost proof, splinter free, does not crack, lasts a lifetime.

This is the stuff that is used widely by local authorities for many outdoor applications, from band stands and staging to gates and sheds.

Recycled plastic gate made from mixed plastic tongue and grooveIt will pay for itself in 2-4 years from reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

It's even resistant to flames, melting only where the flame is applied but extinguishing itself when the flame is removed.

Would be piromaniacs will not find it an attractive target when compared to wood.

It handles like wood and can be sawn and drilled with normal woodworking tools.

This is an excellent product and being recycled it reduces the carbon footprint of any building project.

Why wait? You can save time and money right now!


Additional Information

Extra Information

Visible face 138mm / full width including tongue, 147mm
Key Advantages

Key Advantages


  • Gates
  • Sheds
  • Board walks
  • Flooring


  • Impervious to moisture and insects
  • Durable and robust structure
  • Needs no painting or toxic preservatives
  • Does not rot even in water
  • Unaffected by mould, wet rot or dry rot
  • Maintenance free
  • lasts a lifetime
Technical Specification

Technical Specifications