Recycled Mixed Plastic Square Post Ductile 100 x 100mm

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(D)100 x (W)100 x (L)1000mm, (D)100 x (W)100 x (L)1500mm, (D)100 x (W)100 x (L)2000mm, (D)100 x (W)100 x (L)2500mm, (D)100 x (W)100 x (L)3000mm
Brown, Grey
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Available in Brown and Grey, and Lengths 1000mm - 3000mm. 25 Year Guarantee - Ideal Fence Post.

Product Description


Works like Wood, Lasts Decades Longer...

This Recycled Plastic Post is THE ideal fence post for any environment and will outlast wooden posts by decades.

Made from a combination of recycled HDPE and LDPE, the plastic is melted and extruded together to form a material that is far harder and durable than its original form. The result is a non-absorbant, heavy-duty, sturdy material that will not rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter and is impervious to a wide range of environmental weather conditions such as frost and snow.

Simply put: If you invest in Recycled Plastic, you will never have to replace it for decades, possibly even centuries to come. Unlike wood, which is expected to last less than 10 years before some maintenance or replacement is required. This is a significant time and cost saving opportunity for your wallet.

For Fences higher than 1.5m these posts may not be suitable. Please call us for further advice on 01282 861325

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Additional Information

Extra Information

(D)100 x (W)100 x (L)1000mm, (D)100 x (W)100 x (L)1500mm, (D)100 x (W)100 x (L)2000mm, (D)100 x (W)100 x (L)2500mm, (D)100 x (W)100 x (L)3000mm
Brown, Grey
Key Advantages

Key Advantages

  • Maintenance-free
  • Excellent Whole life cost - 25 year guarantee
  • Outlasts wood by decades
  • Highly durable and robust
  • Frost-proof
  • Water-proof
  • Mould cannot embed
  • No toxic chemical preservatives use
  • Eco-friendly - Made from 100% Recycled materials and 100% Recyclable
Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

Ductile technical specification sheet for kedel recycled mixed plastic lumber