Are you recycling correctly?

Are you recycling correctly?

Whether you’re already recycling, or you’re looking to start, it’s important to know HOW to recycle in order to make your efforts worthwhile. At Kedel, recycling is at the heart of what we do, and we pride ourselves on offering quality products made from sustainable recycled plastic.

Is recycling important?

When we recycle, our old materials are turned into new products, which reduces the need to consume more natural resources. By using recycled materials, we help save energy as well as conserving raw materials and protecting natural habitats for future generations. 

While recycling at home is a great place to start, it’s important to know exactly what can be recycled and how to prepare them for the process. As we face an environmental crisis, we’re taking a look at top tips to help you do your part in ensuring we increase the number of recycled materials we are using. 

Top Household Recycling Tips

  • Always rinse your empty bottles, jars and tins. If you leave liquid in a clear container, it can lead to the recycling machinery thinking it’s opaque and disrupts the sorting process. 
  • You can leave paper labels on your containers, these will be removed during the recycling process!
  • When recycling bathroom products, plastic shampoo bottles and cleaning bottles can be recycled, however, some cosmetic lids and tubs go into the normal waste. Always check the label before sorting. 
  • Old lightbulbs can go in general waste bins, not mixed recycling. If you have old fluorescent or filament bulbs, these should be taken to the tip in order to extract the gases. 
  • Aerosol cans go in mixed recycling; there’s no need to remove the nozzle.
  • Recycling takeaway boxes? Don’t forget to get rid of any food that’s left inside. Leftover grease is fine, but pieces of food can lead to recycling loads becoming contaminated. 
  • Accidentally dropped a wine glass, or smashed a mirror? This glass should go safely in general waste, not recycling. 
  • Take any scrap metal, such as broken appliances, to your local household recycling centre. 
  • Never pour cooking oil down the drain, to dispose of old oil you should pour it into a container and place it in the general waste bin.
  • When sorting your cardboard boxes, flat pack them as much as possible and remove as much packaging tape as you can. 
  • Your local recycling centre is the best place to take any material you’re not sure about, to find your closest centre and what services they offer, take a look at the Recycle Now website. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your recycling journey, why not start by looking at the recycled plastic products available at Kedel? From recycled plastic decking to garden landscaping products and more, we have you covered when it comes to sustainable living.

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