Bolton Graduate Joins Media Team

Congratulations to our Director of Video Production, Charles Normsaskul who graduated at Bolton University in Media Studies on Wednesday 15th July 2015.

Below are some of the videos he has created for us and is most proud of. And so are we!

"I was delighted to graduate, but even more delighted to have work, especially a job that gives me the opportunity to fully utilise the skills I spent the last 4 years gaining, while allowing me to develop them fully and apply my creativity in a working environment. I have to thank Kedel for the opportunity to get paid for doing what I love most," said Charles.

"Charles has been a great asset, allowing us to promote our award winning products effectively in a competitive market. He has really brought out in a beautiful way all the advantages of recycled plastic for building and construction industries, as well as domestic and educational environments," said IT Manager and Director Lewis Walch.

"We count ourselves lucky to have found such creativity and skill right here at our local University."

 What is Synthetic Wood? Plastic Wood Fence Pales (ROSPA approved)
Outdoor School Furniture (Case Study) Housing Association Fencing (Case Study)
Building a Recycled Plastic Fence (Case Study)  Recycled Plastic Land Art (Case Study)