Creating a Vibrant Learning Environment With Kedel

A playground should be bursting with energy and enthusiasm, giving children space to exercise their bodies and their imagination. With a rise in research into the importance of learning through play, we’re here to help schools and nurseries reimagine their playgrounds with bright-coloured furniture, play dens, and teaching aids.

Regardless of the size of the space or the age of the students, every playground is a potential learning hub, so let’s take a closer look at how Kedel products can help transform your outdoor areas.

How important is colour in playground design?

Colours can evoke feelings, convey information and impact focus and behaviour. Using vibrant, bright colours in the playground not only makes the space more aesthetically pleasing, it feeds into a wide range of educational and developmental values. Students of all ages are attracted to vibrant environments, and using bright colours for furniture and equipment in playgrounds enhances engagement and interests. 

From multicoloured fencing used to create separate play zones, to play dens painted with vibrant hues, colours can stimulate open-ended play, encouraging children to think creatively and construct their adventures. Whether it's a sparkly purple castle or a fire-engine-red spaceship, the potential for imaginative play is endless with the spectrum of colours on offer.

Different colours can also impact a child's emotions and attitudes towards learning. Warm tones, such as reds, yellows, and oranges, are known to stimulate excitement and energy. Contrastingly, cool tones such as blues and greens evoke calmness and focus. Balancing these shades in playgrounds can create an ideal blend of stimulation and tranquillity, which positively affects children's behavior and mood.

Creating a Playground Using Recycled Plastic Materials

While metals and wood have been traditional choices for playground materials, there has been a significant shift towards using recycled plastic. 

Environmental Benefits

Choosing recycled plastic plays a significant role in promoting sustainability. The process of manufacturing these materials helps in reducing landfill waste and conserving natural resources. Schools using playground equipment made from recycled plastic are not only creating vibrant play spaces but are also setting an excellent example of eco-consciousness for students.


In comparison to wood or metal, recycled plastic is incredibly durable and resistant to severe weather conditions. This means less maintenance over time and more vibrant colours that don’t fade or chip. Integrating brightly coloured recycled plastic play dens, furniture, and teaching aids can give the playground a long-lasting, vibrant makeover.

Safety Considerations

Unlike metal or wood, plastic does not rust, splinter, crack, or have sharp edges, reducing potential injury risks. When coupled with its light weight, easy installation and relocation possibilities, recycled plastic becomes an excellent alternative for safer playground builds.

Catering to the Sensory Experience

Apart from offering splendid visual appeal, recycled plastic furniture and equipment are unique to touch and offer an exciting tactile experience. This added sensory incentive can further boost the engaging nature of playgrounds.

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Creating a Vibrant Outdoor Space

A well-designed playground is not just about swings and slides; it’s about creating an environment that promotes learning, imagination, and all-around development. Such spaces should be inviting, inspiring, and inclusive, combatting blandness with bright, cheery colours. Moreover, using recycled plastic materials only adds to the benefits making them a durable, safe and environmentally sound choice. 

By incorporating these bright, colourful and sustainable elements in your playground, you empower children to spread their creative wings, creating a foundation for lifelong learning, hand in hand with an appreciation for our environment.To discuss any of the recycled plastic playground equipment available at Kedel, or to find out how our products can help transform your outdoor space, get in touch with a member of the team today.