Global Warming - the Scam

Professor Phil Jones - Climate ChangeThe Global
Warming Scam

Is it or Isn't it?


by The Green Goblin

We would all like to know the truth, but perhaps it will never quite be fully explained since the original data collected from all over the world supporting the theory of man made climate change has been deleted, because it was thought unimportant to keep it. And in support of the continuing myth of man-made global warming Professor Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia pictured here, massaged the figures with statistical slight of hand, as only an expert in climate change, whose fame, reputation and livelihood depended on the continuation of this mirage, could. Anyway, that's what the naysayers of climate change say.

Parliamentary Committee Conclusions

This week however, a parliamentary committee has concluded that no offence has been committed and Professor Jones was only following standard procedure in denying access to certain climate change data. The theory of man made climate change is still the concensus of scientific opinion. But so was the belief that the Earth was the centre of the solar system before Copernicus et al. revealed the truth with impeccable mathematical certainty. But it wasn't the concensus of scientific opinion for a good few years after the discovery. People believe what they want to believe irrespective of any contradictory factual proof. We live in a dominantly 'emotional', rather than 'rational' world.

Does it matter?

We wonder if it really matters that the hidden data shows that there has been no significant rise in world temperatures since 1995.  Does it matter now if we recycle our plastic to reduce land fill, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. In the middle ages it was apparently 3ºC warmer than today. No one knows why. In the last 150 years or so temperatures have risen only 0.8ºC and on that basis we have been convinced that man is to blame for his wasteful ways.

Recycling - Still an intelligent choice

You may, quite rightly, be wondering where this argument is going. We at Kedel Ltd. make products from British Recycled Plastic and still believe it is the right way to go. The point I am coming to is this - nature does not waste anything, and why should we. Conserving energy, minimising wastage of all kinds is the intelligent choice. It's the way of natural law to produce maximum results from minimum effort and expenditure of its own resources.

The Conclusions

So in spite of the questions about the reality of man-made global warming, nothing has changed in our green ecologically inspired Kedel ethics. We are just surveying some prevalent views, and considering whether what we think is right, and stands up to the common sense of the common man. We still think that 'where there's muck there's brass' is a route to economic and ecological sustainability, and there's no reason to stop recycling plastic whatever the story is about global warming. 

Maintain the Recycling Loop

Plastic remains a handy product that can be reused over and over again, and besides, one day oil is going to run out, and plastic and oil are closely related. Better keep a loop going if we want to have the advantages of it in future. Think of that when you are sitting enjoying your maintenance free garden bench or sun lounger on your 10 year old recycled plastic decking that looks just like it did 10 years ago. And still the neighbours have no idea it isn't wood!