How to care for plastic decking in Autumn

How to care for plastic decking in Autumn

Another summer is over, and the shorter days are steadily creeping up on us! If you have installed recycled plastic decking in your garden, chances are you have enjoyed a long summer of minimal maintenance and relaxing outdoor time. As another season begins, it’s time to think about prepping your garden for the colder weather. If you’re wondering how much you need to do with your decking to ensure it withstands the cold season, the answer is ‘not a lot’. Kedel’s recycled plastic decking is incredibly resilient and requires little to no maintenance all year round; however, if you want to make sure it looks its best throughout autumn, we have some expert tips to share!

Remove fallen leaves

If you have enjoyed a summer with a garden in full bloom, the autumn will start to see leaves, petals, and branches fall. If your decking area is in the fallout zone, we recommend staying on top of clearing it to avoid it reaching an unmanageable level. A quick sweep with a stiff brush should be enough to remove any leaves or branches that land on your deck, ensuring your decking looks ready to use all year round. Plus, with the unpredictable UK weather, you may find yourself sitting outside enjoying warm weather well into the autumn months!

Cleaning your recycled plastic decking

Unlike traditional timber decking, our recycled plastic decking boards do not need to be sanded, stained and sealed each year. This is one of the biggest benefits of switching to this style of decking, minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment. Your plastic decking boards will inevitably become dirty over time; however, cleaning them up takes no time at all. 

  • Remove any outdoor furniture or decorative items from the decking.
  • Use a stiff brush to sweep away any loose dirt or debris.
  • Create a gentle cleaning solution of warm soapy water.
  • Work the solution into the decking boards with your brush.
  • Once covered, rinse the decking with a hosepipe or power washer.

Will my plastic decking split in cold weather?

As the temperatures start to drop, you may notice your recycled plastic boards contracting slightly; however, this is nothing to worry about. Unlike timber decking boards, our material is designed not to split, splinter, rot, decay or warp, giving you peace of mind regardless of the temperatures. If you notice ice on your decking over the autumn, we recommend using rock salt or other de-icing solutions to clear it up. Any residue that is left behind from de-icing can be quickly cleared using the cleaning tips above.

So, there you have it! If you already have Kedel recycled plastic decking installed in your garden, or you’re planning on installing it, you can look forward to a stress-free autumn season. Our decking material is incredibly resilient and designed to withstand the pressures of the outdoors, even in icy conditions. To find out more about our decking, or any of our recycled plastic garden products, get in touch with a member of the team today.