How to get your garden ready for spring

How to get your garden ready for spring

Spring is a busy time for your garden, and one of the first things you need to tackle is the big garden spring clean! Assessing the damage caused over the winter period can be overwhelming. Dead plants, leaves and other debris not only make your flowerbeds look unhealthy, but they can also spread diseases that can impact plants throughout the year. To get ahead of your spring garden clean-up, we’ve put together a guide to essential tasks to set your garden up for a healthy, thriving season.

Remember: It’s important to wait until the temperature is consistently warmer before starting your garden clean-up. This allows the ground to thaw and dry out while also ensuring that any hibernating insects and pollinators have emerged from plant stems and leaves. 

Spring Gardening Checklist

  • Pull up any weeds
  • Remove dead growth from perennial plants
  • Remove dead annual plants
  • Remove winter mulch
  • Edge garden beds
  • Clean up any vegetable patches
  • Prune shrubs to trigger new growth
  • Remove any frost wraps and other winter plant protection

Don’t worry if you don’t remove all dead leaves from flowerbeds and borders; once the thicker clumps are removed, the remainder will act as a layer of mulch to help feed plants. Take care when pruning new plants, especially around the base, as you don’t want to cut off any new growth!

If you have a vegetable patch, it’s important to clear the soil of any dead vegetables that were not used last year. Removing any dead leaves and plant roots will help establish a strong base for a new crop. 

How to spring clean raised planters

Spring is the perfect time to tidy up your raised planters, especially when it comes to removing stray grass, weeds and debris, as the soil is usually wet enough to pull them out. If you have traditional wood planters or raised beds, spring is the time to give them a spruce up. Wood should be treated, cracks and splits should be addressed, and paint should be touched up ready for summer. 

However! If you have already switched to Kedel’s recycled plastic raised planters, you simply need to take care of what is growing inside. Our recycled material lasts a lifetime with no rot, warping, splitting or fading, perfect for low-maintenance gardening. 

Spring Outdoor Clean-Up Checklist

As well as making sure you’re ready for another year of successful gardening, spring is a great time to get your outdoor space ready for socialising. Once the sun comes out, it’s hard to resist the call of the BBQ and relaxing drinks in the garden, so it’s best to get ahead of the clean-up operation! 

  • Wash outdoor furniture
  • Rake the lawn
  • Cut back trees
  • Clear decking
  • Clean patio & seating areas

Whether your furniture has been stored inside over the winter, placed under a cover or left exposed to the elements, chances are it will need cleaning! Wood furniture will need to be washed and treated if it’s become faded or shows other signs of wear, while metal furniture should be checked for rust and cleaned thoroughly to remove any caked-on debris. If you’re lucky enough to have Kedel’s recycled plastic furniture in your garden, you can simply wipe clean and enjoy for another year - no fading, no rot and absolutely no warping. 

How to spring clean decking

A garden deck is a great place to spend your time during the summer; however, traditional wood decking does need to be maintained to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Once spring arrives, sweep away any leaves, dirt or debris that has accumulated on the top. Once clear, hose down the decking to remove any bird mess or other stains before treating your decking boards ready for the summer. If you’re ready to say goodbye to your annual decking maintenance, it’s probably time you switched to recycled plastic decking boards. Our recycled material looks just like wood, yet requires little to no maintenance each year. A quick sweep is all you need to kickstart your summer!


It’s easy to try and put off your garden spring cleaning, but with the right tools and a foolproof checklist, you can get your garden back to its best in time for summer. At Kedel, we’ve created outdoor products designed to make your life easier, from our raised beds and planters to our decking, fencing and landscaping collections. Find out more about our innovative materials, or shop the full Kedel outdoor range today.