Kedel Wins Feefo Exceptional Service & Gold Trusted Service Awards 2024

We’re delighted to announce that Kedel has won not one but two accolades in the 2024 Feefo Trusted Service Awards. These esteemed awards are an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses which have shown particular excellence in key customer review areas.

Feefo Exceptional Service Badge

The Exceptional Service badge is part of Feefo’s Trusted Service Awards. While many of Feefo’s best customers will receive a Trusted Service Award, only 32 businesses will be crowned with an Exceptional Service badge, making them truly exceptional.

Feefo established the Trusted Service Awards in 2014 to recognise brands that use the platform to collect verified reviews and receive exceptional feedback from their customers. The awards are unique because they truly reflect a business’s dedication to providing outstanding customer service by analysing feedback from real customers.

Working with over 6,500 brands, Feefo is the world's largest provider of verified reviews. It helps brands understand customers by analysing verified reviews and providing insight into trends, needs, and habits.

Consumer confidence is now at its highest level since 2021 as living standard show signs of improvement, but consumers remain cautious with their spending. The businesses that stand out will be those who put excellence in their service and weave in a customer advocacy strategy. This award celebrates brands that are delivering standards that go above and beyond.

Feefo presents the Exceptional Service badge to businesses which have:

  • Met the criteria to win a Trusted Service Award in 2024 
  • Achieved the highest average review score in their industry or achieved the largest review score increase over the last 3-year period
  • Achieved the highest review reply rate* in their industry
  • Achieved the highest review response rate* in their industry

Lewis Walch, Kedel commented: “We’re delighted to receive an Exceptional Service badge from Feefo. Keeping our customers happy is our priority, and it’s an honour to be recognised as one of the very best in our sector. The award reflects how hard our staff work to listen to our customers and keep them happy, especially in a climate where purse strings are tight. As we enter 2024, we’ll continue to listen to our customers and deliver what our customers want.”

Congratulating Kedel, Tony Wheble, CEO at Feefo, said: “With customers continuing to build resilience in a time of economic uncertainty, we’re delighted to showcase thousands of our clients who are continuing to go above and beyond for each and every customer.”

“The Trusted Service Awards have always been about recognising companies that go way beyond the norm in customer service and, in turn, receive great feedback from delighted customers. A particular congratulations to Kedel for winning an Exceptional Service badge by going above and beyond and proving themselves to be the best in their category. They should be proud of this achievement, and I look forward to seeing them continue to achieve next year and beyond.”

Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award 2024

Kedel also won the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award, an independent seal of excellence which recognises businesses that consistently deliver a world-class customer experience. This award celebrates brands that are delivering standards that go above and beyond.

Feefo has presented Gold Trusted Service Awards to businesses that collected at least 50 reviews between January 1st, 2023, and December 31st, 2023, and have a Feefo service rating of between 4.5 and 5.

Tony Wheble, CEO at Feefo, said: “The Trusted Service Awards have always been about recognising companies, like Kedel, that go above and beyond the norm to deliver a great service and receive great feedback from delighted customers in return. I look forward to seeing what Kedel and our other customers achieve next year.”