Looking for The Perfect Garden Bench?

You may be thinking of buying a nice Wooden Garden Bench to lounge about on in the summer or to remember a loved one by, but how will it look in 18 months or more? Green and mouldy? Rot setting in at the joints? Rusty screws and bolts? Insects eating holes in the legs? Damp to sit on? Or perhaps kids with nothing better to do will set light to it and all that's left are cinders.

This is what you can expect from most Garden Furniture made from wood. But what if it wasn't made from wood at all. What if it was made from something that looks and feels exactly like wood, but isn't wood? What if it was rot free, can't be eaten by insects, doesn't absorb moisture or entertain mould growth, never needs painting or varnishing, flame resistant, and looks good for 50 years or more? Now that would be something special wouldn't it? Absolutely maintenance free for decades. It isn't possible is it, to have the the aesthetics of wood but none of the disadvantages?

Well actually, it is possible, and is in fact on the market right now from Kedel Ltd. based in Colne, Lancashire. A new family business has launched a range of beautiful, well built Garden furniture and other Gardening Accessories made entirely from 100% recycled plastic wood. It's difficult to see the difference except that it requires almost no attention year on year. Just a wash down with soapy water or hose pipe brings it up as good as the day you bought it.

Fantastic value for money. Recycled Plastic Garden Benches and other garden furniture made from recycled plastic lumber is the latest to hit the market, and the price is well within reason, especially when you consider that you will never have to spend time and money on it again for 50 years. Kedel will even sell you the plastic wood and you can make your own. And to top it all, you will be keeping plastic waste out of landfill and protecting the environment. It doesn't get much better than that does it?

 The Green Goblin