Recycled Plastic Success in North West Marina

In 2012, Pennington Wharf Marina in Leigh was just a stretch of forgotten wasteland with an empty marina at the heart of the site.

Fast forward to 2019 and it's a bustling hub of modern homes, flats and now a marina teaming with canal boats. 

In the early stages of development, Kedel supplied the area with Recycled Plastic Boards/Edging that would be used to go round the circumference of the marina. The hope was that their maintenance-free properties, along with the added benefits of no rotting, splinters, cracking or warping, would out-perform any wooden alternative, not to mention saving a fortune in replacement costs. 

Fast forward seven years to 2019 and it's fair to say that Kedel's Recycled Plastic Boards have more than coped. In the seven years that these boards have spent in Pennington Wharf Marina, being submerged underwater, covered in dampness and threatened by frost and ice, not a single one has needed to be replaced or become damaged!

Unlike wood, Recycled Plastic is completely impervious to water, insects, fungi and ice. It will not rot or splinter and it requires no painting, staining or maintenance of any kind. 

See our Pennington Wharf Marina Then & Now video and see for yourself just how good Kedel's recycled plastic boards still look.