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Here at Kedel we pride ourselves on the versatile range we offer.

We decided to give our customers something extra this year, alongside the best quality of eco-friendly products.

We'll be offering a discount with access to 10 percent off. You deserve the highest quality for money. Here is our gift to you.

10% Discount

A 10% discount on all orders placed before 31st May 2022

Just use the discount code ‘may22’ when you checkout.

Use this code to get discounted access to our full range of equipment suited for school playgrounds, outside areas and gardens. If our offers were quality for money before, they’re even more affordable now.

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Why Buy?

The plastic we use hold no trace of wood, yet it can pass as wood if that’s the kind of effect you would like. Frost proof, water resistant, it never rots.

Children are much safer as the plastic is a fully smooth surface. No splinters to be seen.

Colourful Outdoor Furniture

Are you looking for colourful outdoor furniture? We have garden benches, picnic tables and specially built raised beds.

Rainbow Furniture

Named after the river Derwent, we titled this bench for its recycled quality. Rivers are vital components of nature involved in the recycling of our water. The main reason clients love our benches is the beautiful colour range we have on offer. UV protection against fading and options of Dark, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green to choose from.

Recycled Plastic Raised Beds

Our recycled plastic raised beds are extremely durable. Made from recycled plastic waste, resistant to the elements, they need little upkeep and appear brand new for years to come.

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Please contact one of our team for product information and lead times on 01282 861325. 

Offer ends 31.5.22.  We reserve the right to withdraw the offer.  10% discount excludes delivery charges.  For use by email recipient only.  Offer is not applicable to orders already in progress.



Emma Cooper
07 March 2022  |  0:25

Is it possible to make a bench/picnic table from plastic material supplied from a customer. e.g.. plastic bottle lids etc? I really want to engage the children at school into the reuse of plastic we have in abundance around us.

26 October 2022  |  12:54

It depends what kind of plastic it is Emma. Old CD and Contact Lense cases could be used but it would have to be quite a lot. Our tables etc. are made from recycled plastic collected from homes and businesses. Plastic bottle lids are usually made from HDPE or Polypropylene and they could also be used. But any bench or picnic table you get from us is made from this type of recycled plastic.