Sustainable Gardening Ideas

In recent years, many of us have started to look at areas of our lives to see what we can change to try and live more sustainably. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, it’s becoming increasingly more important to try and follow an eco-conscious lifestyle. 

Although you may think the garden is already a ‘green’ part of your home it is certainly an area we can adapt to be more environmentally friendly. Below are a few of our ideas on how to garden in a more sustainable way. 

Choose Your Plant Pots Wisely 

Although plastic plant pots may last longer, they aren’t always great for the environment. Many plastic designs can’t be recycled and take years to decompose. Look for ceramic styles or if you wish to use plastic, choose the biodegradable kind. 

Use a Water Butt

Most gardens during the Summer take a lot of watering but it’s essential that we try and conserve our water use. Install a water butt in your garden to collect rainwater and use this to keep your plants hydrated. You can also reduce your water usage by using cooking water. Next time you prepare pasta or rice, reserve the water instead of pouring it down the drain and use it to water your garden. 


Making your own compost has long been a popular method of enriching our soil, but it’s also a great way of using up food waste. Most food items won’t decompose in landfill, so throwing your apple cores and banana peels in the compost is a much more eco-friendly way of using up your waste produce. 

Our box composter is designed to help compost break down efficiently, made from non-toxic materials which is perfect for organic gardening. 



Second Hand Equipment

When shopping for gardening tools and equipment, look for second hand products from charity shops or auction sites. Buying used items is much more environmentally friendly and gives second life to someone else’s old items, preventing them from being thrown away or sent to landfill. 

Use Jute Twine

When using twine, opt for wool or jute as opposed to plastic. This will help towards reducing your plastic use, plus jute is biodegradable and recyclable. Wool also makes great twine so if you have any odd bits lying around, use these to tie plants in and around your garden. 

Pest Control

Having pests in your garden might be annoying, but using pesticides and harsh chemicals can often kill other insects, which can have detrimental effects on the population of certain wildlife. Try and limit your use of pest control or opt for organic varieties. 

Plants That Attract Wildlife 

Having plants which attract wildlife, especially ones which attract Bees, is becoming increasingly important. As our world becomes more and more urban, it’s vital that we create as many green areas as we can to help maintain our ecosystem. Look for plants that are good pollinators such as bluebells, primrose and heather. 

Recycled Plastic 

Of course, we couldn’t talk about sustainable gardening without mentioning our recycled plastic products. Most traditional garden furniture and landscaping supplies are made from wood, but these require regular maintenance and full replacement in just 7 years. 

Our recycled plastic landscape materials require no maintenance whatsoever and make use of waste plastics (keeping them out of landfill). Designed to last a lifetime, with the look and feel of real wood, you will never have to deal with rot or decay with our recycled plastic designs. 



Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg

Most fruit and veg in supermarkets are wrapped in plastics which can’t be recycled, so opting to grow your own fruit and vegetables could help in limiting your plastic use. Plus, many of the produce in stores have travelled a fair few miles before hitting the shelves, so growing your own could help reduce your carbon footprint too. 

Unlike wood, our recycled plastic planters aren't treated either, which means no nasty chemicals seeping into your soil and affecting your plants, making them ideal for growing your own fruit and vegetables. 



Growing Trees

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of space in your garden, planting a tree could be an option. Trees release oxygen and can help to remove carbon dioxide from the air, which can aid in the prevention of climate change. 

Our recycled tree stakes are designed to help keep your trees firmly in place and offer superb wind resistance, durability and strength. 



By creating a more sustainable outdoor space, not only are you helping towards saving the environment, but you may also find that you save a bit of money too. You may even notice a more flourishing garden!

Need more inspiration? Take a look at this award winning garden featuring our recycled garden products.

For more information on sustainable gardening or any of our products, speak to our team. You will also find plenty of information on our product pages for further advice on how our designs can benefit your sustainable garden. From recycled plastic decking, to recycled plastic fencing, we offer a plethora of outdoor essential for your landscaping needs.