The Benefits of Recycled Plastic Fencing

The Benefits of Recycled Plastic Fencing

As one of our bestselling products, recycled plastic fencing offers a wide range of benefits for projects of all sizes. This innovative product has transformed modern fencing and saved countless customers’ time and money as they switched from traditional wood materials. If you’re getting ready to kickstart your summer garden projects, we’re here to explore the benefits of switching your fencing materials to Kedel’s recycled plastic. 

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Sustainability at Its Core

Our planet is grappling with significant environmental challenges, and recycled plastic fencing is a great example of how innovative thinking can turn a problem into a solution.

Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in landfills and oceans, causing untold harm to ecosystems and wildlife. By opting for recycled plastic fencing, you're directly contributing to the reduction of this plastic waste. At Kedel, we source our materials from post-consumer plastics, giving new life to what would otherwise be discarded.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Producing new plastic is energy-intensive and releases a substantial amount of carbon emissions. In contrast, recycling plastic consumes significantly less energy. By choosing recycled plastic fencing, you are helping to lower the overall carbon footprint associated with your fencing materials.

Longevity and Durability

Another sustainable aspect of recycled plastic fencing is its longevity. Unlike traditional wood that may splinter, rot, or require regular treatment, recycled plastic fences are incredibly durable. They can withstand various weather conditions without degrading, meaning fewer replacements and less waste over time.


Cost-Effectiveness: Saving You Money in the Long Run

While the initial cost of recycled plastic fencing might be comparable to or slightly higher than that of traditional wood, the long-term savings are substantial!

Wooden fences often require chemical treatments to protect against pests and rot. These treatments not only add to the cost but also have environmental implications. Recycled plastic fencing does not need such treatments, saving you money and reducing the use of harmful chemicals.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Traditional fencing materials can be high-maintenance, requiring frequent repairs or replacements. Recycled plastic fencing, on the other hand, is resilient and virtually maintenance-free. It won't chip, peel, or warp, drastically reducing the time and money spent on upkeep. 

As mentioned, the durability of recycled plastic fencing means it will last much longer than traditional materials. This durability translates to fewer replacements over the years, offering significant savings in the long run.


Low Maintenance: Effortlessly Beautiful

One of the biggest advantages of recycled plastic fencing is its extremely low maintenance requirements. For homeowners and businesses alike, this means less hassle and more time to enjoy your outdoor spaces.


Recycled plastic fencing is impervious to the elements. It won’t absorb moisture, swell, or rot, even in the face of heavy rain or snow. This resistance to weathering ensures your fence will remain in excellent condition year-round, with minimal effort on your part.

Easy to Clean

Keeping your recycled plastic fence looking pristine is simple. Generally, all it takes is a quick wash with soapy water to remove any dirt or debris. There's no need for costly or labour-intensive cleaning methods.


Unlike wooden fences, that can be susceptible to termites and other pests, recycled plastic fencing is completely pest-proof. This not only ensures the longevity of your fence but also protects your garden or property from infestations.


Versatility: Perfect for Any Landscaping Project

Beyond its sustainable attributes and low maintenance, recycled plastic fencing is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects.

Recycled plastic fences come in a myriad of styles, colours, and finishes, allowing you to customize your fencing to match your aesthetic preferences and project requirements. Whether you're looking for a modern, sleek design or a more traditional appearance, there's a recycled plastic option for you.

Easy to Install

Our recycled plastic fencing is designed for ease of installation. The panels and posts are lightweight yet sturdy, making the installation process straightforward. This ease of installation can significantly cut down on labour costs, another point of savings.

Ideal for Various Applications

Recycled plastic fencing is not just limited to residential gardens. Its durability and versatility make it perfect for a range of applications, including commercial properties, schools, parks, and agricultural settings. It can be used for privacy screens, boundary fencing, safety barriers, and more.

At Kedel, we are committed to providing sustainable, durable, and cost-effective solutions for your landscaping needs. Our recycled plastic fencing embodies these values, offering numerous benefits that make it an excellent choice for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities alike. By choosing recycled plastic fencing, you are making a positive impact on the environment while also enjoying a long-lasting, low-maintenance, and versatile fencing solution.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our recycled plastic products, please don't hesitate to reach out.