The World is Not Enough

The World
is Not

by The Green Goblin

"What doth it profit a man..." If humanity carries on as it is in use of resources, globally it will need the capacity of two Earths by 2030, a new report says. It goes on to point out that our consumption of food, land, natural minerals and animals has doubled in under 50 years.

UK Consumption

UK Consumption has dropped relative to other countries from 15th to 31st, but the sad fact is that this is only because third world countries are fast catching up with and overtaking our consumer fever, and has nothing whatever to do with changes to our habits. We are just as profligate as we ever were.

‘The depletion of natural resources caused by human consumption also poses risks to our economic security: ...scarcity of resources and degraded natural systems will increase the price of food, raw materials and other commodities,’ said WWF-UK chief executive David Nussbaum.

What does he mean? He means less availability of the oil that makes plastic for one thing, so if you don't use recycled plastic you will loose it. He means polluted ground water from the poisons we spew into the environment such as from landfill sites, and he means polluted sea water which is already increasing in acidity to such a degree from absorbsion of carbon dioxide from fossel fuels, that the great coral reef, one of the wonders of the world off the coast of Australia, is fast dissappearing. If we don't reduce our carbon footprint then it will reduce us by removing all that is needed to sustain life on earth, and it is already happening.

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

So what should we do? Reduce, Reuse and Recycled. Here at Kedel we both talk the talk, and walk the walk. We use recycled British sourced plastic for all our products mostly gathered from within 50 miles of our Lancashire manufacturing unit. We reuse cardboard boxes to pack our flat packed furniture. We use meditation to keep our stress levels down and reduce our need for things to fill the gaps in our happiness, so we naturally consume less because we don't need so much to feel good. It also helps us think clearly, which is why when our family started a business we chose one that recycles, reduces waste, and even reuses items that would normally end up in landfill.

Reuse beats recycling

Our compost tumbler 'the compost creator' reuses a 220 litre food grade plastic barrel and stands it on a supporting frame made from recycled plastic wood. We didn't even have to make a new barrel for this purpose. That's even better than recycling as it uses near zero resources. And our recycled plastic products produce 250% less carbon dioxide during manufacture compared to virgin plastic production. One tonne of recycled plastic compared to one tonne of virgin plastic uses 1.6 tons less oil and 66% less energy.

The World is Enough

If we can all follow this recycling route together and make it a normal part of everyday life, the world will be enough after all.