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Ground Anchor | Security Kits for Outdoor Furniture
 Ground Anchor | Security Kits for Outdoor FurnitureGround Anchor | Security Kits for Outdoor Furniture 

Ground Anchor | Security Kits for Outdoor Furniture

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Ground Fixings (Simson Strong Ties) for benches and picnic tables - short bolts for fixing to flags, or longer bolts for fixing into concrete. These will help deter thieves from absconding with your outdoor furniture. No guarantee is implied, as determined rascals with the right tools can remove any kind of security, but you don't want to make it easy for them. All components made from rust resistant steel and supplied with shear nuts whose outer section breaks off once tightened, making them impossible to remove with a spanner or socket set.



Secure your Bench or Table with Strong Ties and Expansion Bolts with Shear Nuts

Simson Strong Tie fixed to bench leg

This simple and widely used security ground anchor will make life difficult for would-be thieves and mischievous youths by anchoring your outdoor furniture with these Simson Strong Ties and Expansion Bolts with Shear Nuts also known as security nuts. The outer section of the shear nuts will break away from the inner part once tight, leaving nothing for spanners or sockets to grip. The sloping conical shape of what remains after the nut has sheared off even makes it difficult to grip with other gripping tools, as they tend to slid off the sloping sides when tightened. All Ground Anchor components are made from rust resistant steel and once secured in place are extremely difficult to remove.

M6 Expansion bolts for concrete fixings

Pile of Steel Shear Nuts

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fix your ground anchors with the standard nuts supplied till fully tightened. Then remove all the ordinary nuts and replace with the shear nuts. If the shear nuts are used first, they may shear off before the expansion bolts are properly expanded in the concrete or flag which would leave the job half done. The same is true for the bolts going through the bench legs.

And if you are ordering this product for a bench you already own, please remember to tell us in the 'order notes' area when proceeding to checkout, what thickness your bench legs are so we can supply the right length of bolts for the legs.

Extra Information

Weight:  1kg
2 or 4 leg kit:  2 leg kit, 4 leg kit
Flags or Concrete:  Shear nuts and Long bolts for Concrete, Shear nuts and Short Bolts for Flags
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