Recycled Plastic Eco Paving Slab (Closed Version) | (D)40mm
 Recycled Plastic Eco Paving Slab (Closed Version) | (D)40mmRecycled Plastic Eco Paving Slab (Closed Version) | (D)40mm 

Recycled Plastic Eco Paving Slab (Closed Version) | (D)40mm

£6.52 inc. VAT
(£5.43 Exc. VAT)

A recycled plastic outdoor eco paving solution. Hexagonal paving blocks that clip together conveniently. Quick and easy to lay with superior slip resistance. Version with drainage slots also available.

SKU:  OBZ44046


Recycled Plastic Eco Paving Solution

These robust heavy duty recycled plastic eco paving blocks will give superior slip resistance and can be laid quickly by a single worker.

Dimensions are 400mm across or 460 diagonally from corner to corner and 40mm thick.

The hexagonal blocks hook together easily and can even be lifted and relaid again in a few years if you want to change your layout.

UV protected against fading, they are an ideal paving solution to replace wood, concrete, stone or grass.

Highly resistant to most chemicals and will not crack or chip.

Comfortable to walk on even in bare feet with no risk of splinters.

Can be driven over safely - capable of bearing up to 3000kg (test sheet available).

Uses for eco paving include:
  • Parking areas
  • Patio paving
  • Storage and Event Paving
  • Driveways
  • Walkways - even in wet conditions they will never rot
  • As an alternative to stone flags, wooden decking, concrete or Asphalt
  • Access drives, temporary or permanent

Available both un-slotted (closed) for extra strength and slotted for extra drainage in brown and grey.

Extra Information

Dimensions:  (W)400 x (D)40mm - (diagonal corners) 460mm
Weight:  1.7kg
Colour:  Brown, Grey

Technical Specifications

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