Yangtze Side Table - British Recycled Plastic
 Colour: Blue/blackColour: Green/Black 

Yangtze Side Table - British Recycled Plastic

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Available in Blue and Green. Water-proof, Mould-proof, Frostproof and UV protected.

SKU:  YANG0001


Brightly Coloured, Fade Resistant and Maintenance-free

Named after the longest river in Asia, The Yangtze table is sustainable, self-sufficient and everlasting,åÊmuch like the river it is named after.

Some key features of this table include:
  • Maintenance-free
  • Highest level of UV protection - Minimal fading over time
  • Frostproof - perfectly suited for outdoor use and indoor use

This is a wonderfully cost effective product that is guaranteed to last decades.

The environmental benefit also makes it far more attractive to those that are environmentally aware - happy in the knowledge that they are buying a product which reduces global carbon emission and plastic waste pollution.

The Key Features Of Recycled Plastic Furniture

Extra Information

Dimensions:  (H)195 x ()216mm
Weight:  20kg
Colour:  BLUE/BLACK, Green

Key Advantages

  • Maintenance-free
  • UV PROTECTED - Highest Level of UV protection
  • Will not rot, warp,crack,chip or split
  • Excellent whole life cost - 25 Year guarantee
  • Eco-friendly - 100% Recycled and 100% Recyclable
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