Kedel's Mixed Recycled Plastic Specification

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  1. Kedel Ultra - the stiffest of the Kedel mixed plastic blends, offers good impact resistance & bending strength. Ideal for extreme loading - fence rails, floorboards, beams & sleepers and challenging environments where durability and strength count. Also available with internal steel reinforcement.

  2. Kedel Robust - has a high level of stiffness and is extremely resistant. Ideal for Palisades, L-stones, Sleepers, Posts and Slabs. 

  3. Kedel Ductile - is slightly more flexible but retains high impact resistance. The textured surface of these products gives an attractive finish. Used for the production of bench slats, decking boards, board profiles, fence panels, sandboxes and outdoor furniture. 

Popular Products
Recycled Plastic Wood - 'Tear Drop' T&G - (W)100 x (D)18mm

Recycled Plastic Wood - 'Tear Drop' T&G - (W)100 x (D)18mmFrom:  £13.95

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Kedel's Tear Drop Tongue and Groove boards/profiles will never rot, warp, splinter or crack. They are UV protected to the highest standard to minimise fading. A far more cost effective material compared to wood. Comes in various colours and is made from crushed recycled CD cases.

Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber - Bullnose - 120 x 50mm x 1.5m

Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber - Bullnose - 120 x 50mm x 1.5m£17.01

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Bullnose recycled mixed plastic profile. Tough and maintenance free. Often used for table sides of picnic tables and anywhere a maintenance free rounded edge would be useful

Plastic Wood Raised Bed | Recycled Plastic

Plastic Wood Raised Bed | Recycled PlasticFrom:  £39.00

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Our Raised Beds (Garden Beds) are good value. Never rot. Made from British Recycled Plastic

Thames Garden Bench - 3 Seater | Recycled Plastic Wood

Thames Garden Bench - 3 Seater | Recycled Plastic Wood£343.00

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A beautiful 3 Seater Garden Bench made from British Recycled Plastic (synthetic wood) - manufactured from crushed CD cases and old coat hangers. Fully assembled and delivered on a pallet to safeguard it during transportation. UV protected against fading it can be left outside all year round. Will never rot or require maintenance or paint. No splinters for little fingers. Will outlast any wooden garden or park bench by decades.

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