Recycled Mixed Plastic Boards 120 x 60mm

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(W)120 x (D)60 x (L)1400, (W)120 x (D)60 x (L)2000, (W)120 x (D)60 x (L)2800, (W)120 x (D)60 x (L)800
Brown, Grey
13.40 kg
Product Description


Maintenance-free, Cost saving, Eco-friendly - What more could you want?

These 120 x 60 recycled mixed plastic boards are perfect for boardwalks and decking joists. The product is made of a combination of recycled HDPE and LDPE.

The plastic is melted and extruded into fixed length molds to produce these versatile, robust, maintenance-free plastic wood planks.

An Ideal profile for any application that ordinarily uses timber.

These boards will not rot, crack, chip, splinter or be eaten by insects.

They are robust plastic profiles capable of withstanding harsh weather including salt water exposure.

Once they're in, they're in. You will never have to replace or maintain them.

No maintenance will be needed so whole life costs is far lower than wood.

Samples available on request.

Additional Information

Extra Information

(W)120 x (D)60 x (L)1400, (W)120 x (D)60 x (L)2000, (W)120 x (D)60 x (L)2800, (W)120 x (D)60 x (L)800
Brown, Grey
Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

Ductile technical specification sheet for kedel recycled mixed plastic lumber