Recycled Mixed Plastic Boards 60 x 20mm
 Colour: Grey,  Dimensions: (W)60 x (D)20 x (L)1500Colour: Brown,  Dimensions: (W)60 x (D)20 x (L)1500 

Recycled Mixed Plastic Boards 60 x 20mm

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Durable, Maintenance-free and Eco-friendly. Recycled Mixed Plastic Boards are built to last and have high impact resistance. Available in Brown and Grey.

SKU:  BG2006150


If you are looking for a material that is durable, long lasting and maintenance free then these Recycled Mixed Plastic 60 x 20 boards are perfect for you.

They are the ideal replacement to wood as they do not rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter. They are resistant to oils, alkalis and sea water and do not absorb any moisture - making them a great life long product and very easy to clean. Fungus, insects and frost does not adhere to it and has the highest level of UV protection against direct sunlight.

A great product that will last for years all year long with no added future costs.

Extra Information

Dimensions:  (W)60 x (D)20 x (L)1500
Weight:  1.7kg
Colour:  Brown, Grey

Technical Specifications

Ductile technical specification sheet for kedel recycled mixed plastic lumber
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