Recycled Mixed Plastic Footpath Planks 197 x 60mm

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(W)197 x (D)60 x (L)1000, (W)197 x (D)60 x (L)1500, (W)197 x (D)60 x (L)2000, (W)197 x (D)60 x (L)2500, (W)197 x (D)60 x (L)3000
Brown, Grey
11 kg

Available in Brown and Grey, Lengths 1000mm - 3000mm. Versatile, Reliable and Eco-friendly.
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The Best Alternative to Wood

Recycled Mixed Plastic Footpath planks are by the far the top contender for replacing traditionally wooden footpaths.

Wood is a great building tool, it is versatile, strong, and has been used for thousands of years, however, with the pressures of ever increasing climate change, deforestation and plastic waste pollution, it is now becoming ever more apparent that it's time to seek better, greener alternatives.

That is where Recycled Plastic steps in. Recycled Plastic building materials are 100% Eco-friendly, sourced from recycled plastic that might have otherwise ended up in Landfill, waiting to degrade hundreds of years from now. It seems illogical to throw away something that can be used again and again, yet we still do it.

Recycled Plastic incurs no harm to the environment and benefits the individual greatly by reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement. Unlike wood, Recycled Plastic does not rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter. It is impervious to frost and water and will remain unscathed by the years harsh unpredictable weather conditions.

Help reduce our plastic waste pollution and save money by investing in Recycled Plastic today!

Samples of Recycled Mixed Plastic Available on Request

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Additional Information

Extra Information

(W)197 x (D)60 x (L)1000, (W)197 x (D)60 x (L)1500, (W)197 x (D)60 x (L)2000, (W)197 x (D)60 x (L)2500, (W)197 x (D)60 x (L)3000
Brown, Grey
Key Advantages

Key Advantages

  • Maintenance-free
  • Outlasts and Outperforms Wood
  • Excellent Whole Life Value
  • Will not rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter
  • Easy to clean - simply jet wash
  • Frost proof
  • Water proof
  • Does not attract insects
  • Mould cannot embed
  • Eco-friendly and clean - no toxic chemical preservative additives embedded
Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

Robust technical specification sheet for kedel recycled mixed plastic lumber