Recycled Plastic Lumber - mixed plastics - 150 x 30mm
 Colour: Black,  Dimensions: (W) 150 x (D) 30 x (L) 3000mmColour: Nut Brown,  Dimensions: (W) 150 x (D) 30 x (L) 3000mm 

Recycled Plastic Lumber - mixed plastics - 150 x 30mm

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One of our most popular profiles used for raised beds, planters, fascia boards, barge boards, and quayside buffers



Robust, Versatile Recycled Plastic Planks

This Mixed Plastic 150 x 30 x 3000mm can be used for host of application, particularly where water ingress is inevitable.

Ideal for fascia boards, barge boards, quayside buggers, raised beds, planters and general building use as an alternative to wood.

Once installed it will need little to no maintenance and very unlikely need any replacing. It will last for decades.

This material is already widely used throughout the construction industry and its use is expected to increase driven by european legislation as well as a growing awareness in the building trade of its many practical advantages.

Recycled plastic is already widely used thought the construction industry and its used is expected to grow as a result of new european legislation on the need to use less harmful carbon polluting construction materials. As well as growing awareness of its practical benefits in the building trade.

Local authorities, housing associations, schools and hospitals are tightening their belts and looking for maintenance free materials that will also reduce their carbon footprint.

Housing associations, schools, hospitals, local authorities etc. are starting to use recycled plastic products for the environmental benefits, as well as the practical advantages. One such example is Your Housing Group who have installed thousands of recycled plastic fence panels in an housing estate in Partington, Manchester. As result saving them '‰Û_å£10,000+' in maintenance and replacement each year.

Mixed plastic products will recoup initial outlay in 2-5 years, thereby saving you a bundle of time and money.

Extra Information

Dimensions:  (W) 150 x (D) 30 x (L) 3000mm
Weight:  13.2kg
Colour:  Black, Nut Brown

Key Advantages

äó¢ Frost proofäó¢ No rotäó¢ Impervious to insects, fungus and moistureäó¢ Splinter freeäó¢ Garunteed to last longer than woodäó¢ Cost savingäó¢ Robust but flexibleäó¢ Eco-friendly
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