Recycled Plastic Lumber - Mixed Plastics - 75 x 50mm ULTRA

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(W)75 x (D)50 x (L)2500mm
Black, Brown
8.70 kg
Recycled Mixed Plastic 75 x 50mm can used for many building and construction applications instead of wood such as studding in damp or wet conditions or as a DPC. Will never rot. Technical spec available. Install once only and never treat or replace it again. Maintenance-free bliss. Also suitable for dunnage and stillage applications.
Product Description


Maintenance free bliss

If you've been in the trade for a while or are into DIY in a big way, you will be very familiar with replacing rotten wood, even when it's timber treated with preservatives to prevent rot.

One of our customers explained that he had decided to use recycled plastic lumber because the wood he had just received for the job had arrived with dry rot growing on it.

He sent it right back and found us on a google search.

If you are going to go to all the time, trouble and expense of doing a job, you definitely want it to last a long time.

Recycled plastic lumber will last a lifetime with no attention given to treatments with preservative or other toxic chemicals.

These recycled plastic profiles simply do not rot, are immune to mould since they do not absorb moisture, and even dry rot will give recycled plastic a wide berth.

This is a once and for all product.

Use it and forget it, and have peace of mind that it will serve its purpose indefinitely.

Working with Recycled Plastic Lumber
Additional Information

Extra Information

(W)75 x (D)50 x (L)2500mm
Black, Brown
Key Advantages

Key Advantages

Better than wood

  • Studding
  • General building use
  • DPC at the foot of wood studding in wet conditions
  • Maintenance free
  • Structurally robust
  • Handles like wood with the usual tools
  • Mould proof - including dry rot
  • Frost proof
  • Water proof
  • UV protected
  • Splinter free
  • Does not crack
Technical Specification

Technical Specifications