Recycled Plastic Lumber | Mixed Plastic | Roofing Batten -  50 x 25mm
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Recycled Plastic Lumber | Mixed Plastic | Roofing Batten - 50 x 25mm

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Roofing battens to last. Made from 100% recycled UK plastic. Also used for studding under cladding and many other battening applications.

SKU:  BS2505300


Lasts 5 times longer than treated wood

Roofing that incorporates these recycled plastic roofing battens will out last any wooden equivalent. That's the big advantage of plastic - it never rots down.

Damp or even wet conditions have no effect on this product, and it has been designed specifically with roofing in mind.

Condensation will leave it completely unchanged for decades.

Insects do not eat it and mould does not affect it.

And besides being a superior product for the building and construction industry it is also keeping plastic out of landfill sites. The space for our rubbish is declining fast and 30% of landfill is taken up with plastic.

Strange that we have taken so long to realise the advantages of recycling this versatile material which is revolutionising the building industry and vastly reducing the cost of housing stock maintenance and replacement.

Initial outlay is recouped in saved maintenance and replacement costs in just 2-5 years.

Extra Information

Dimensions:  (W)50 x (D)25 x (L)1500mm, (W)50 x (D)25 x (L)3000mm
Weight:  1.7kg
Colour:  Black, Grey, Nut Brown
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