Connector for Children's Gardening / Exploration Tables - Plastic

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Product Description


Connecting linkage for 4 modular gardening/exploration tables

Keeps all units securely connected together.

Recycled plastic and recyclable too.

Simple to attached with no extra fixings.

Keeps an orderly arrangement in the classroom, preventing boisterous children from creating their own chaos.

Will never rot, and cleans easily with normal household cleaners.

Absolutely maintenance free and no sharp corners.

Please note that this material is unfortunately NOT recycled plastic though offcuts are recycled back into new material. As we do not separate plastics into their respective colours and types of plastic very effectively in the UK, solid bright colours are difficult to make with waste plastic. Consequently, our black HDPE is the only one containing 80-100% recycled plastic material. We are continuing to research a recycled plastic alternative in bright colours which may arrive as plastic separation technology develops.

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Key Advantages

Key Advantages

Connecting part for linking 4 exploration/gardening modules together

Main Features:
  • Attractive, brightly coloured design
  • UV protected against fading
  • Holds units together securely
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Maintenance free - does not rot
Technical Specification

Technical Specifications