Garden Fence Panel - Recycled Plastic - Heavy Duty

Garden Fence Panel - Recycled Plastic - Heavy Duty

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A Garden Fence Panel in recycled plastic is a one time purchase that should last a lifetime with little or no maintenance.

SKU:  FENC0007


Heavy Duty, Recycled Plastic Garden Fence Panels - Preferred by Housing Associations

Recycled plastic fence impervious to snow and ice

There are endless problems with wooden fence panels and significant cost, time and effort involved in maintaining and replacing them.

Recycled Plastic Fencing is preferred to timber/wood by local governments, housing associations and schools because:
  • Recycled Plastic Panels are heavy, not easy to remove, and Can be made securely bolted to posts instead of slotted in, giving added security;
  • Vandal resistant - can't be kicked through;
  • No recurring maintenance needed - highest level of UV protection against fading;
  • Never requires painting or preservative - does not rot;
  • Graffiti easily removed with normal household cleaners;
  • Can be designed in any style;
  • A 50 year life cycle gives a replacement ratio of 1 to 5 compared with wood;
  • Less flammable than timber;
  • 100% recycled and fully recyclable plastic.

Recycled Plastic Fencing will last at least 5 times longer than treated wood and users currently report 100% saving on maintenance and replacement costs.

For an institution this leads to massive savings. If an association replaces 500 panels a year, only 100 would now be required. Reductions on materials and labour at a time when budgets are being cut is a definite advantage.

You can now get benefit from installing the same high quality fencing at home.

And in addition to your personal gain, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that all that plastic is being kept out of landfill. Every year landfill is becoming scarcer and more expensive for local authorities to find and maintain. The cost goes on you tax bill, which is why recycling plastic makes sense.

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Extra Information

Dimensions  (L)1800 x (H)1000mm
Weight  40kg
Colour  Black, Brown
Pale Top  Pointed top, Round top, Square top
Assembly  DIY Flat pack, Fully assembled
Type  Standard 12 pales (100 x 25mm), 2 rails (100 x 35mm), 50mm gaps

Technical Specifications

Ultra technical specification sheet for kedel recycled mixed plastic lumber
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