Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber | V-top/Birdsmouth | 140 x 100mm


Make birds mouth fencing from this rot free, ‘V’ top recycled mixed plastic profile. Install once and forget. Made to last a lifetime

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Bird’s mouth fencing that lasts a lifetime

When you put in bird’s mouth fencing it looks nice, but in a surprisingly short time it doesn’t look anything like as good as it used to, and a little while longer and you are looking at replacing it again.

And if you paint it, it will need painting again in the not too distant future, unless you are happy with the state of it after 18 months when it will start to peel.

Of course, treated timber is protected with a toxic cocktail of chemicals, but that won’t make it last indefinitely and the word ‘toxic’ is not a very encouraging one to hear in areas where young children may be playing.

One of our customers was about to use preservative treated timber for a job, but when it arrived there was a healthy looking growth of dry rot on it, so he sent it back and called us.

We sold him recycled plastic lumber that will never have dry rot growing on it, will never rot at all in fact, will never need treating with toxic chemicals and doesn’t leach toxic substances into the ground.

His recycled plastic lumber will last a lifetime and never need any maintenance at all.

So if you would like birdsmouth fencing that you can install and forget with no worries, this is where you can get it, and save yourself a lot of time and money in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

And I know we sound so smug, but we can’t help it! Sometimes being smug is justified. We have the best products you can buy for outdoor use, and we confess that we know it.

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Extra Information

Weight N/A

Black, Brown


(W)140 x (D)100 x (L)1500mm

Key Advantages


  • Birdsmouth fencing
  • Knee high fencing on pathways, used commonly in supermarket, hospital and school parking areas
  • Anything else you can think of


  • Rot free
  • No maintenance
  • Impervious to insects and moisture
  • Frost proof
  • Resistant to most common chemicals
  • Lasts a lifetime

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